7 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Change Your Wiper Blades

7 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Change Your Wiper Blades

March 30, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen

As a general rule, the car’s brushes are usually changed once a year. However, this period may vary depending on the use, the maintenance applied by each driver and the environmental conditions of the places through which the car has circulated.

For example, an excessively dry climate, in which there is a lot of dust and dirt in suspension, precipitates its deterioration and could sometimes lead to calling Auto Glass Experts replacement, especially when it already affects your windshield. But to better understand when you need to change the car’s brushes, pay attention to the following indicators.

#1: Cleaning the brushes

As a first step, before checking your actual wear, it is important to clean the brushes from time to time. With a dampened cloth and a little glass cleaner product, you will get them to stay in better condition for longer.

#2: Use the wear detector

Some car models have a brush wear detector. If this is your case, you can stop reading this article: the car will automatically warn you that you should change the brushes. If you do not have this feature, do not worry and keep reading.

#3: When activated, generate noise or shaking

When the brushes of the car make noise, they indicate an excessive pressure on the windshield glass or a manifest deterioration of the rubber; This usually hardens with the passage of time, changes in temperature, or dirt in the environment, causing an imbalance in the position of the brush and the arm that holds it.

#4: The brushes do not clean the glass well

If some areas of the glass are not cleaned by the brushes, it is because the wind partially raises the brush from the surface. The reason for this incorrect operation is that the brush holder arm has lost hold and does not maintain the necessary pressure. Vehicle manuals often indicate how to put the windshield wipers correctly to avoid this problem.

#5: They leave streaks in their path

It’s usually a pretty obvious signal that it’s time to replace one or both brushes. This usually occurs when they have cuts on the surface of the rubber.

#6: External fogging occurs

It happens when the rubber leans to one side but does not turn to the other as it should.

This effect is due to the hardening of the rubber of the piece. It is possible that they are not exerting enough pressure on the glass or that they jump when passing through it.

#7: Touch notes roughness or cuts in the rubber

If you pass your hand through the rubber of the car’s brush and you notice that it has some kind of fissure or roughness, it is a sign that you must replace the part right away.

If you have experienced any of these situations, it is definitely time to change the brushes of your car.