Making Life comfortable for people who have been strapped to a Wheelchair

Making Life comfortable for people who have been strapped to a Wheelchair

March 24, 2019 Off By Paul Petersen

Wheelchair lift for car provides better mobility for both the caregiver and the wheelchair user. From mundane everyday tasks to reaching appointments on time, a wheelchair lift can take you wherever you need to go without employing an extra person to accommodate your daily needs.

Most people doubt if they should purchase a wheelchair lift for car because it is much more expensive than a normal car and it is not that fun to drive either. But purchasing one will come with the following benefits:

  1. Less pain: wheelchair accessible vehicles do not require you to reach out for your car by transferring your body from the wheelchair. This helps you avoid any extra pressure on your shoulders if you are transferring yourself from the wheelchair.
  2. Time saver: you save lot more time since otherwise you would have to transfer the wheelchair user and the wheelchair itself separately into the car.
  3. Freedom: if you are able to drive, a vehicle with wheelchair lift will only give you freedom. You will not need a chauffeur or a caregiver to help you transport from your destination. It also makes the job of the caregiver easier since he or she will have to use lesser manual labour for your transportation.
  4. Financing assistance: we know mobility vehicles are more expensive than normal vehicles, but the government usually supports such ventures. There are other non-government organizations that might lend a helping hand as well. If all these organizations are of no help, there are some companies that help you rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle for much less money than buying an actual car.

While getting a wheelchair accessible car may seem like an extra expenditure, you should also consider your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others who take care of you. Making their life easier is also a good deed.